Digital Services. AI Chat for customer support. Lead generation. Email validation. Social media post creation and automation, Zalo ZNS.

rtWork provides a comprehensive suite of digital services including AI-driven customer service automation, lead generation, email and phone validation, social media post creation and automation, Zalo notification services, order processing and notifications, ID card creation, timekeeper machine integration, and system interoperability via API integration.

AI Chat - Automate your customer service with ChatGPT AI.

Supported channels: FB Messenger, Website, Landing Page, Email, Zalo OA, Instagram, Whatsapp. Coming soon: LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube.

  • Starter: $9/Month/Channel (pay monthly)
  • Monthly: $99/Month/Channel (pay monthly)
  • Yeary: $79/Month/Channel (pay yearly)

Providing enriched leads from publicly available sources

  • $0.060 / Lead

Email validation: Validate email to make sure email address is working

  • $0.020 / Email

AI posts Facebook Page

Create a post content with media and auto post to Facebook page. You can visit and see pages posted by AI.

  • $0.5 / Post

AI posts LinkedIn Page

Create a post content with media and auto post to LinkIned page. You can visit and see pages posted by AI.

  • $0.5 / Post

Zalo ZNS message.

Zalo Notification Service (ZNS) is a service for sending customer care notifications on Zalo.

  • $0.010 / message

Phone number validation: Validate phone number to make sure it’s working

  • $0.03 / Number

Integrate order processing with the POS system via email

  • $220.00/email template

Order notification: Combo service

  • $0.06 / Order

Artistic ID Card with QR code

Create ID card with an artistic electronic QR code like this. Just like a work of art, each QR Art is unique.

  • $0.430 / QR code

Integration with timekeeper machine

Integration with timekeeper machine (manually via Excel template if the timekeeper machine doesn’t support API; automatically if timekeeper machine supports APIs)

  • $430

Integration fee for system interoperability via API.

rtWork can communicate bidirectionally via RESTful API. The details of the integration and the associated costs will be determined specifically when the deployment needs arise.

  • Customize